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Who We Are

WhySatisfy is dedicated to providing brands with the technology, training and support to take control of their digital interactions with customers. We believe that a brand’s responsibility to their customers is more than the one-way provision of a product or service. It is the fulfilment of their desires, expectations, needs or demands. This is why brands satisfy their customers. And this is why we exist.

We provide you with the digital solutions and support to enable you to understand, anticipate and satisfy your customers across digital platforms. We’re a start-up, so we understand SMB’s still growing their social footprint, but our team come from big brand backgrounds and bring with them an understanding of the complex, integrated requirements of large corporates from a wide range of industry sectors.

Andrew Felbert
Co-founder & Director

Contact Andrew to get down-to-business and talk product specifications, under-the-hood tech and how our products can work for you. M +27 074 360 0227

Paul Roberts
Co-founder & Director

Contact Paul for a friendly chat through our solutions, and insider knowledge of the tech startup scene driving new technologies into Africa.  M +27 079 452 4489

Jenna Bloch
Customer Success Manager

Contact Jenna with any in depth, practical product application questions or customer queries. M +27 083 301 2200