Conversocial and World Design Capital 2014 take social engagement to new heights

This year, Conversocial and their African partner WhySatisfy sponsored the World Design Capital 2014 Cape Town campaign, using Conversocial’s integrated social customer service solution to boost the WDC 2014 who promotes the use of design to transform a city.

WDC 2014 serves to highlight accomplishments of cities using smart design techniques to improve cultural, social and economic factors by showcasing a year-long programme of events. During 2014, Cape Town hosted over 460 projects while Conversocial helped WDC 2014 engage with followers on a more personal level.

“Conversocial has been instrumental in assisting WDC 2014 in identifying the most important messages on social media and filtering out the noise to focus on the real queries and issues arising,” says Priscilla Urquhart, PR Manager for WDC 2014. “The level of social engagement enjoyed has surpassed all expectations and WDC 2014 Twitter and Facebook stats have shown a marked increase over the year.”

By making use of historical data, Conversocial helped WDC 2014 provide context to their conversations on Facebook and Twitter. From March to November their social media channels volume rose by 59% with over 10,750 incoming messages. WDC 2014’s response time was similar compared to South Africa’s top 5 socially-devoted brands, ensuring that efficient customer engagement was established and maintained.

By using a solution such as Conversocial, WDC 2014 reached a broader audience faster and engaged with them in an interactive online environment. Priscilla stated that the WDC 2014 team found Conversocial to be “user-friendly” and that the analytics tool illustrating how a business has fared over time was a “great help”. Conversocial promotes the intelligent use of analytics to assist businesses in examining statistical data and improving strategic decisions that will influence social media performance.

Conversocial’s collaboration with WDC 2014 helped spread its message and aims, increasing interest in the project’s goal – drawing attention to the importance of design within a productive African city.

Conversocial’s contribution was invaluable, adding a new dimension of interactivity and efficiency to the social engagement surrounding the event.

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