Conversocial Powers Social Customer Care on Facebook Messenger

The social, mobile customer is evolving. With the removal of Twitter’s Direct Message character limit and the rise of messaging mobile apps, the trend is already moving away from public venting to private, meaningful resolutions on social. Now at over 700 million users on Facebook Messenger, messaging is quickly becoming one of the few things that people do more than social networking.

As a Facebook Preferred Developer, we are excited to announce that we are one of the select partners to offer a new integration with Facebook Messenger to bring you in-the-moment, personal, secure customer care at scale.

We’ve also partnered with Hyatt, leading global hospitality company, to be one of the first to implement Facebook Messenger as a new service channel for its customers. Joshua March, CEO of Conversocial said, “The customer journey is increasingly taking place on mobile and social media apps, and businesses need to be where the consumer is to assist — in the same channels and the same conversation — to help, engage and wow them. Messenger’s new Businesses on Messenger product is going to be a growing channel to do this, and it brings in many new features including transaction receipts, real-time chat and other innovations which will really serve social care – it’s reinventing live chat for the mobile, social generation and we’re excited to be one of the few partners selected to enable this new functionality and to implement it with a socially-recognized brand such as Hyatt.”

“We want to build long-term relationships with our guests, and that means connecting with them throughout the travel journey in the ways they want to connect with us. The addition of Facebook Messenger to our around-the-clock social care efforts was a no-brainer. It’s just one more channel in which we get to have meaningful conversations with guests and help them to be their best, on the road and right away.” –  Dan Moriarty, Director of Digital Strategy and Activation at Hyatt

Facebook Messenger for In-The-Moment Social Care

Offer your customers a consistent experience with real-time, personal interactions that span every point in the customer journey: from purchase, confirmation, to support.

  • Rich visuals such as receipts, order tracking and past purchases are woven directly into the conversation so agents have full customer context.
  • Both the customer and agent can see indicators when the other person is responding for a live-chat experience.
  • Customers can engage on their terms and continue the conversation from anywhere they are, whether they’re on a desktop computer or a mobile device.

Become Your Customer’s Trusted Contact

As many social customers now prefer private conversations, the format has changed from mass venting sessions on social, to meaningful engagements seeking help and resolution. In the past, there have been certain customer service interactions we dreaded more than others. Change an airline ticket? Dispute a charge on a credit card? Report lost baggage? Companies have such a complicated process for most of these already unpleasant situations. Now you can securely do it all with social.

  • By integrating directly with Facebook Messenger, all private interactions including Private Messages, will be pulled into Conversocial faster in real-time.
  • Securely engage with your customers with conversations that are encrypted both in-transit and at-rest, so you don’t have to redirect your customers to phone, chat or email.

Conversocial’s Facebook Messenger integration is social customer service without compromises.

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