Webinar – Getting Ready For Social Customer Service – The Key Tasks Before Launch

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Sign up for the third of our 5 part series of webinars on social customer service in partnership with Conversocial and Brain Food Extra on Wednesday, April 22nd at 15:00 SAST. Each topic explores what it takes to get the fullest ROI from your social customer service investment. Together they provide a blueprint for taking an organisation from pre launch to operational excellence. This includes organisations yet to start and those already active but keen to professionalise their approach.

Each webinar is designed and delivered by Martin Hill-Wilson who has authored both the book and two day masterclass on “Delivering Effective Social Customer Service”. He is a highly requested speaker and facilitator across Europe and the Middle East.

Adding to the conversation, with plenty of examples and practical insight, will be Joe Rice, Conversocial’s Director of Channels & Partnerships. As a result, you can be confident that the content and advice provided throughout this webinar series will be of consistent high quality.

Getting Ready For Social Customer Service – The Key Tasks Before Launch

Some advise it is best just to jump in and learn as you go. Others feel more cautious.

What are the key differences between setting up a familiar customer service operation and a social one? This webinar explores the essential set up activities needed to deliver a quality service.

Our agenda includes;

· Deciding on your response framework. Who answers which topics?

· Recruiting the right type of people. What are you looking for in an advisor and team leader?

· What is your service quality strategy? Responsiveness, tone of voice, low customer effort

· Considering how service knowledge and customer data fit into service delivery

This webinar digs into the big issues that can undermine service quality if not thought through. Attend this webinar if you are intending to launch within the next twelve months to make sure you are fully prepared.

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*Replays of each webinar will be made available for colleagues unable to attend the live version.


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