Real-time data analysis automatically optimises your content and distribution, publishing only relevant content to a receptive audience. More interactions, more followers and more value from your media spend means more opportunities to turn owned content into earned exposure.


Socialflow determines the relevance of your content to your audience before ever publishing, as well as automates link shortening and web analytics tagging – saving time and eliminating the guesswork around scheduling.


Make informed purchasing decisions with a fully-featured and supported advertising platform for Twitter and Facebook, with seamless integrations for your organic publishing, and backed by the support and consultation services of our highly experienced account management team.

Advertisers gain access to new audiences on social networks, including on mobile, with proven content published at the optimum time.


Performance metrics identify the best content to amplify with paid advertising, allowing you to easily target viable user groups and attract followers, and maximising your media dollars.


  • German Automaker – 21.4% highest campaign CTR
  • Luxury Brand – 21.4% highest campaign CTR (3 week campaign)


Integrated Solution – Create an end-to-end intelligent solution for paid and earned publishing on major social networks in one platform.
 Interest Based Targeting Segment users based on real-time conversational data, show the highest performing groups, target and convert different demographics and save settings for future campaigns.
 Maximised Ad Spend – Identify top performing owned content to be turned into paid content that is relevant to social media users’ current conversations.
 Promoted Content – Attract highly convertible new and competitor audience user groups that are likely interested in your product.
 Increased Engagement – Publish timely and relevant content into social conversations to reach your audience when they are more engaged, yielding more interactions, more followers and more value.
 Content SupportGain access to a huge amount of high-quality, proven content to sponsor on social networks and support your content marketing needs.

 How it works:

You pull your content sources into the platform.
You set publishing rules and parameters.
Our platform analyses real-time conversational data and automatically delivers the right message at the right time.
We automatically alert your team when our algorithm identifies posts performing well among your current followers.
You can easily select audiences or interests to target based on people with similar profiles to your audience or acquisition campaigns.
We make it simple to amplify or boost those messages with media dollars to reach new audiences.
See the real-time results of your media spend. 

Platforms supported: