Unmetric is a social analytics platform that leverages social data to help brands understand their competitors’ efforts, uncover campaign insights and identify new social strategies. Combining the power of people and technology to track and assess the social behavior of over 45 000 brands, it allows you to tailor a data-backed social media strategy that stands more chance of attracting your target consumers.

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ANALYZE for social media analysts

All your social data and insights on one platform.

All Major Social Networks
Insights and data you need from all major social networks.
Automated Reporting
Instant alerts deliver industry overviews and updates directly to your inbox.
Promoted Post Detection
Uncover the strategy behind your competitors’ paid content.
Campaign Intelligence
Understand the impact of your competition and their campaigns.


Get all your social media analytics in one place

Deeper insights into the social performance of your brand and your competitors, across social networks and backed up with historical data.

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Social media analytics done in hours, not days

Intelligent reports with contextualized data provide a birds-eye view of the content and brands that are succeeding and exceeding.


Create a winning promotion strategy

Uncover your competitors’ paid posts and campaign strategy and compare to successful organic posts to optimize your own content and media spend.


Analyze your competition and their campaigns

Unmetric’s human analysts tag every media campaign, leaving you free to assess and compare your contents performance.


Feel the pulse of your competition in just 60 seconds

Get real-time brand intelligence, campaign updates and social content streamed directly to your device to best capitalize on your competition.


Keep an eye on all social profiles with ease

Bringing you the big picture of your competitors content and campaign activities, complete with live content streaming and fully customizable view.

DISCOVER for content creators

Find new ideas and inspiration to create engaging content.

DISCOVER & COLLABORATE – all in one place 


Identify relevant content

We bring you the latest conversations on every topic under the sun, and beyond.

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Discover new topics

Inform your brand’s content with historical data, trend mining and human curation.


Explore content trends

Gain deeper insights into topics with data on content and campaigns that are trending now or have performed well historically – across networks, geographies and industries.


Fuel creative collaboration

Stumble across an idea worth sharing? Collaborate on content-specific boards with your ideas team.