[Webcast] Stop selling, start caring: Build trust by efficiently serving your social customer

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Adopting a Social First customer service strategy is no longer an option. It’s business critical.

Listen and learn best practices for:

  • One-to-one resolution: How to achieve full issue resolution for every customer interaction
  • Customer-driven decision making: Use what you hear, to impact business decisions
  • The right infrastructure for seamless support: Break down internal silos for efficient social service

When: Thursday June 25th 4pm GMT: 11am EST

Panelists include:

Clare Wilkerson 

Social Media & Multi Channel Strategy, Direct Line Group

Adam Garside 

Social Media Quality Assurance Team Leader, Tesco

Paul Johns 
Chief Marketing Officer, Conversocial

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WhySatisfy is dedicated to providing brands with the technology, training and support to take control of their digital interactions with customers. We believe that a brand’s responsibility to their customers is more than the one-way provision of a product or service. It is the fulfillment of their desires, expectations, needs or demands. This is why brands satisfy their customers. And this is why we exist.

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