Webinar Recording – Metrics for Social Success

In this webinar recording we learn how Distell have made use of their social audience, what Brand in Motion do to ensure their clients stay ahead of the competition on social media and how SocialBakers relate this to international trends.

If you have them, you are content and they don’t really matter, if you don’t, it’s a major headache. Fans on Facebook definitely don’t excite the senses as an interested 3rd party in a post organic reach world, but they still have a role to play in measuring social success.

Because all brands are at different stages of their social development and have different goals based on their industry, it’s hard to identify those KPIs that transcend pure size. In this webinar we uncovered what the experts are doing.


Chiara Galli: Partnerships Director MEA, Socialbakers
Michael Krynauw: Group Digital Marketing Manager, Distell
Damian Hardy: Director, Brand in Motion
Andrew Felbert: Director, WhySatisfy

The webinar provides insights on Metrics For Social Success by showing you:

  1. The social media landscape in South Africa versus international trends.
  2. Key Metrics for success based on performance and competitive analysis.
  3. How to incorporate social into the business and what data drives decisions?
  4. How to build a successful social team?
  5. Whats next – channels and metrics?

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