Webtrekk Webinars: Data, Identity and Silos

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Webtrekk Webinars: Data, Identity and Silos

You have data. You have tons of data. Now let’s act on it.We are holding a pair of upcoming webinars that will look at how your data can work for you. From creating a uniform, multichannel customer experience to building a data-based marketing strategy, these webinars will help you turn data into profit.

Data is Your New Oil, Identity is Your Faster Horse:
14 October, 11:00 CETThis webinar addresses some of the key challenges facing our businesses today, and is relevant for the CXO level, Marketing, BI/CI/CRM, Digital Analytics teams and more.

Moving Beyond Analytics: Customer Centric Crushes the Silo:
21 October, 11:00 CET This webinar builds on the framework presented on 14 October and discusses concrete concepts and steps for marketing strategy and organisational challenges.


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