Know more about what matters. Business-changing insights into public opinion from across the social web.

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    World-leading social listening

    Brandwatch is a social media monitoring and analytics platform that takes social intelligence to the next level. Powerful and fully flexible search and data analysis allows you to identify and assess the customers, conversations, campaigns and competitors that matter to you. Able to surface social insights at scale and in real-time, the Brandwatch platform leverages richer data and deeper insights to inform valuable business decisions.

    Find more answers in social data

    Contextualise the billions of conversations happening online every day with Brandwatch Analytics, offering you actionable insights into the talk and trends impacting your business.

    Powerful social listening

    With an ear on over 80 million sources across the social web, Brandwatch offers insant access to the conversations that matter to you.

    Smarter decision-making across your organization

    Join the 1000s of brands making data-driven decisions with Brandwatch today.

    Why choose brandwatch analytics?

    Great data

    Brandwatch’s powerful Query Builder uses 22 Boolean Operators, just one of the features bringing you quality data without the noise of spam and duplicate mentions.

    Focused on value

    Brandwatch is designed to help you extract the answers you need from social data, ensuring your marketing spend informs smarter, bolder decisions.

    World-class support

    We have a full suite of support services available – from our friendly in-house team through to videos, webinars and user guides – we’re always on hand whenever you need us.

    Next level intelligence

    From automated alerts for emerging issues and trends, to smart attribution through earned vs owned analysis, we’re always working on the next innovation to bring you better, business-changing data.

    Built for collaboration

    We are a friendly platform, built with a number of integrations and partnerships to maximize your social presence. With the ability to create multiple dashboards and accommodate unlimited users, Brandwatch is perfect for agencies and businesses with multiple departments.

    Highly fexible

    Our Analytics platform has extensive data analysis features to help you uncover the insights you need. This includes advanced filtering, tagging and categorization, Alerts, flexible charting, topic and sentiment analysis, and more.