The Definitive Guide To Social, Digital Customer Service – Volume 5

Read the guide and learn how to overcome common social customer care challenges to become a paradigm of effortless, in-the-moment social customer service, at scale.

Get your copy to learn industry best practices on how to:

Hire, train and optimize your social customer care team
Measure, refine and prove the ROI of your social care operation
Adapt to the new face of customer service—Bots & AI

Happy Customers, Happy Bottom Line

The world of customer experience has changed. Your customer care organization needs agile tools to empower high quality customer services that positively impacts your business. Better tools mean better interactions, and better interactions mean happier customers.

Traditional customer service solutions can’t keep up. In order to exceed customer expectations, businesses need agile system solutions.
Agile customer service tools can help your business:

Save money and increase revenue
Keep your customers happy and increase self-service
Boost agent productivity and reduce training costs


Be good with chat and chat will be good to you

About How To Grow Your Business With Proactive Support

It’s certain that live chat has a place in today’s customer-centric marketplace. So instead of questioning whether chat is a useful channel, it’s time to ask: How do we get more value from live chat?

The report discusses:

The budding possibilities of proactive live chat
Shifting from reactive to proactive support
Put a spring in your step (and a dollar in your pocket)
Building for growth with live chat


Uncover the Hidden Profits in Your Contact Centre

What if a veritable gold mine of opportunity was hiding in every contact centre?

Imagine opportunity for providing additional levels of value; opportunity for generating more profits for the organization; opportunity for elevating the contact centre as a highly strategic asset to the organization. Not only is it possible for a “cost centre” to become a “profit centre,” it’s easier than you may think.

This report identifies four fundamental categories where a contact centre adds value:

Cost efficiency
Customer satisfaction and loyalty
Strategic value
Revenue generation (for revenue generating centres)

This report provides actionable insights on how to effectively deliver value in all four of these areas and highlights where the opportunities for an organization to profit are hiding.


The Definitive Guide To Social Customer Service – 2015 Edition

Adopting a Social First customer service strategy is no longer optional – it’s business critical. 

In this 50 page guide, learn how to deliver social customer service as a standardized, scalable and ROI-positive operation. Read this practical and informative paper to:

Build your social customer service team.
Create social customer service processes.
Measure performance and impact.
Find out the future of Contact Center.

Social customer service 2.0: Is your enterprise ready?

The rapid growth of social media in the contact center presents your business with a new set of challenges and opportunities.

The White paper will cover the following:

 Discover the Future Contact Center: Identify how social customer support differs from traditional service and how your contact center must adapt.
 Create personalization at scale: Best practices for social customer service to achieve full issue resolution for every customer interaction.
 Gain a competitive advantage: Realize the benefits of shifting from using social media to measure marketing reach to seizing it as an opportunity for best-in-class customer service.

Preparing the Enterprise for a New Social Customer Service Model: Adapting Operations and Technology

The White paper will cover the following:

A brief history of contact center technology and operations
Social Media is fundamentally different
Defining goals
Adapting operationally
Adapting technologically
The role of social media in corporate culture



Conversocial – The Definitive Guide to Social Customer Service – 3rd Edition

Read the 44-Page guide to learn about:
Justifying the business case for Social Customer Service
Preparing for the unexpected with escalation & crisis response
Understanding Social ROI & how to measure it

SocialFlow Data Drives Social Performance

Data Drives Social Performance: The Benchmark Study on Organic Publishing to Social Networks

Companies face stiff competition in trying to get messages into the social feeds of consumers. Our research found that even with the competition, companies continue to achieve significant reach and generate substantial engagement with organic (non-paid) social posts.

Zendesk - Customer Service Skills You Need

Zendesk – Customer Service Skills

Today’s customer service involves much more than a conversation on the phone. Web, email, chat, and social media are now very important channels for customers. Still, many customers prefer to contact companies with a phone call.