SocialFlow takes signals from your owned audience and alerts you within seconds to posts or tweets that are getting better than normal engagement, allowing you to easily amplify those messages with media dollars, and increase your share of audience.

SocialFlow customers typically outperform Facebook and Twitter performance benchmarks by 3-5 times the industry average.


Make informed purchasing decisions with a fully-featured and supported advertising platform for Twitter and Facebook, with seamless integrations for your organic publishing, and backed by the support and consultation services of our highly experienced account management team.

We improve your workflow, providing a faster, more intuitive experience for creating ads.


Interest Based Targeting – Segment users based on real-time conversational data, show the highest performing groups, target and convert different demographics and save settings for future campaigns.
 Maximise Ad Spend – Identify top performing owned content to be turned into paid content that is relevant to social media users’ current conversations.
 Content Elevation – Attract highly convertible new and competitor audience user groups that are likely interested in your clients’ product.
 Increased Engagement – Publish timely and relevant content into social conversations to reach your clients’ audience when they are more engaged, yielding more interactions, more followers and more value.
 Content Support – Gain access to a huge amount of high-quality, proven content to sponsor on social networks and support content marketing needs.

Platforms supported: